Covid – 19

As part of our response to Covid – 19, we are asking that anyone with any symptoms such as coughs, colds, and other respiratory symptoms, not enter the premises.

If you have any respiratory symptoms, and if you have had a negative covid swab, please ring reception upon your arrival and our doctors will come out to your car and assess you from your car.

We invite you to use our telehealth service, for many routine appointments, our doctors can ring you and routinely can provide ‘e-scripts’ for many routine prescriptions.

We are currently contacting all of our patients aged over 60, who didn’t get their vaccination through our vaccination clinic and verifying that they have considered the benefits of covid vaccination. If you are over 60 and are a regular patient of our practice, and were vaccinated at a different surgery, can you please contact the surgery and notify us of the date you received your vaccination.

Our vaccination clinic is currently offering Astra Zeneca vaccine, appointments can be made either on line or by ringing the surgery, and will also be offering Pfizer vaccinations in the near future.



For information on how to make the pandemic as minimally disruptive as possible for your children, here are two resources worth looking at.

The Conversation - Kids at home 

Coronavirus anxiety

During a pandemic, with the uncertainty of how many especially older Australians will fare, along with fears about our personal and Australian financial security, it’s little wonder that some of us are perhaps a little anxious.

For many, the anxiety and resulting maladaptive coping behaviours will be much more of a health burden than the physical health burden from the disease.

For some good tips on how to look after your mental health during this pandemic, a good starting point is the Beyond Blue website.

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For urgent after-hours advice, phone the doctor on call as advised on our after hours message on 6686 3299. If this number is unavailable, contact the Ballina Hospital on 6686 2111.